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Taking x-rays leads to better outcomes of care. It allows doctors to better diagnose and treat specific problematic areas catered to the individual.  X-rays are taken at the discretion of the doctor.  

Chiropractic Care/Massage Therapy

A variety of different tools are used to treat the individual. A mix of massage therapy, instrument and/or manual adjustments are available in order to achieve the best results for the individual. 

Laser Therapy

Class IV laser are used as part of our therapy. Laser therapy is aimed at treating inflammation in a painful area. The result of the therapy is to stimulate an anti-inflammatory response and result in a decrease pain signal to the brain. This is done generally on individuals who suffer from sever acute or chronic pain. 

Our Approach

Croft Chiropractic believes in holistic approach to health first. That includes exercise, eating healthy, getting good sleep, managing stress and maintaining the integrity of the spine. In the words of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, "Look well to the spine for the cause of disease." There are many things that go into good health but integrity of spine is pivotal. During the initial examination a detailed history and X-rays to performed to diagnose and treat your specific problems. During the course of treatment manual or instrumented assisted adjustments are done to the spine and extremities. Massage therapy is used in areas of extreme muscle tension. As treatment progresses exercises, stress management and nutritional recommendations help you establish the habits necessary to maintain good health. Doctors and patient will work together to achieve the best results.

My Approach
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